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Hello, I'm Anqi, (pronounced An-chee).

I'm a Perth based illustartor and Designer in Australia.

By day, I teach graphic design, by night, I draw.

My art is inspired by animals, nature, James Gurney and creature design. I also love exploring different styles,

and sinking into creative challenges!

I dabble in life drawing, creature design and portraiture.


work with a varienty of tools, often jumping between traditional mediums and digital programs I also stream my sessions live on Twitch every week. 


Currently, I am open for digital pet and human portrait commssions. Check out some of my work in the link below, amd purrchase yours today! 

Angie website.jpg

You can find me on Twitch every week, where I live stream commission work, pet portraits and personal art projects.

Drop a follow and never miss a session!


2020 | Winner for WAnimate 3|Thirty Challenge 

2020 | Published in Bento Box Issue 11 

2019 | Winner for WAnimate 3|Thirty Challenge 

2019 | Exhibition: RAW Australia

2019 | Book cover design 'Rapanoiki & other tales' by Glen Spoors 

2018 | Winner for WAnimate 3|Thirty Challenge 

2017 | Bare exhibion, featuring my life drawing works

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